Andrés TassaraProfesor Titular (41) 2204738
GRADOS ACADÉMICOSGeólogo (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
Magister en Ciencias, Mención Geología (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
Doctorado en Ciencias Naturales, Mención Geofísica (Universidad Libre de Berlín, Alemania)
ESPECIALIZACIÓN Propagación de ondas, Scattering, Estructura del interior de la Tierra. INTERESES Redes sísmicas, actividad sismotectónica, actividad sismovolcánica. ASIGNATURAS PREGRADO Geofísica, Sismotectónica, Geodinámica, Sismología Observacional.

Co-Investigator, “Secondary volcanism of the Nazca Plate: mantle melting driven by flexural deformation of the oceanic lithosphere”, Fondecyt 1211792, 2021-2023

Principal Investigator, “Relating Climate Change and Crustal Stress Regimen at the Southern Andes during the last glaciation (CREAS): Implications of glacial unloading on activation of faults and volcanoes”, Fondecyt MEC 80180101, 2018-2020

Deputy Director, Millennium Nucleus “The Seismic Cycle along Subduction Zones (CYCLO)”, NM160025 Ministerio de Economía, 2017-2023

Principal Investigator, “The Australia-Antarctica divorce: a natural laboratory for quantifying key controls on plate motions”, INACH RG_16_16, 2017-2019

Principal Investigator, “Active Tectonics and Volcanism at the Southern Andes (ACTIVO)”, FONDECYT 1151175, 2015-2018

Co-Investigator, “Volcanism on the Nazca Plate: plumes and plate tectonic processes”, FONDECYT 1141303, 2014-2017


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